Why now?

Austerity and inequality

Every day we see the global austerity agenda being carried out on the backs of poor and marginalized people. Rising inequality and environmental degradation in Ontario are consequences of government decisions that make economic growth and corporate profits the priority. People who live with the conditions created by these actions, who are coming together to resist this agenda and offer alternatives, need resources that build their capacity to create positive social change. Now, and in the future.


Groups that actively challenge the status quo face difficulty finding funding in the current climate, where advocacy and political action are restricted as a condition of government and corporate funding – or charitable status.  There is a growing need for resources that are directed specifically at organizing for social, economic, and political change that is led by those most affected.  Organizations led by those most affected need resources to build community power to resist abuse, exploitation, criminalization, and oppression.

Share the wealth

Groundswell was founded as a way for people with extra money to support grassroots initiatives.  In an economy where we are encouraged to spend everything we earn, Groundswell provides an alternative.  For those who want to build a better world, and are lucky enough to have financial stability, making a financial contribution is one thing to offer. Groundswell hopes to inspire individuals and groups to support social justice through making a financial donation from their annual income, or from money received through inheritance (or other sources).