2023 Growing Change

With the most successful fundraising effort in Groundswell history, we are so thrilled to announce that the greatest number of Growing Change grants of between $10,000 and $100,000 were awarded to these eleven outstanding groups to support their vital, vibrant, grassroots organizing work!

Aaoodsokawin Mtigwaaking

Aaoodsokawin Mtigwaaking means “teachings from the land/forest” in Anishinaabemowin. This translation was given to us by an elder from G'Chiminissing (Beausoleil First Nation). We are an Indigenous 2SLGBTQIA+ and women-run land-based healing network and learning/mentorship initiative based in Southern Ontario. We formed in 2020 from collective members' shared desire to create more learning and mentorship opportunities and safer spaces for traditional ancestral skills such as gardening, plant medicines, seed saving, hide tanning, harvesting, maple sugar bushing, etc.

Disability Justice Network of Ontario - Prison Project

The Disability Justice Network of Ontario (DJNO) is an organization working towards disability justice within the province of Ontario. It is youth-led and comprised of members and staff who are disabled, most of whom are also racialized. The Prison Project is a DJNO project meant to hear, document and highlight the experiences of individuals with lived experience at the intersections of race, disability and incarceration - as well as associated systems such as policing, court, and post-release programs.

Friends of the Attawapiskat River
The Friends of the Attawapiskat River (FAR) is a coalition of impacted community members in Treaty 9, supported by accomplices in Southern Ontario focused on stewarding and protecting the Attawapiskat River and its watersheds as the threat of mining grows in the Yehewin Aski (breathing lands). The region, recently dubbed by industry and the ruling class as the “Ring of Fire”, is located 500 km northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario, in the Hudson-James Bay Lowlands region and in the lands of Treaty 9. While the area has been touted for its potential abundance of valuable minerals, such as chromite, copper, and gold, it is home to nearly 40,000 Indigenous peoples across 34 communities.

Grassy Narrows Women's Drum Group

The Grassy Narrows Women's Drum group is leading a grassroots revival where women and youth are raising our voices and reclaiming our futures by protecting our forests, healing our waters, and reviving our culture.

Jane Finch Education Action Group
Jane Finch Education Action Group (JFEAG) is a resident-led group of residents, parents, students, and community workers, who share commitment to fully accessible and free public education in Jane and Finch and across the city and the province and globally. JFEAG was initiated in 2016 and established in 2018. JFEAG's principles include:

Migrant Detainee Support Coalition

Migrant Detainee Support Coalition (MSDC or Midesuco) is a grassroots group of formerly incarcerated migrants, their friends, and allies. We are abolitionist, anti-settler colonial, and anti-imperialist. We centre the leadership of those who have direct lived experience of incarceration and communities who are vulnerable to immigration detention. Many of our members most impacted by this system are Black migrants. We are committed to advocating for non-carceral alternatives to detention and full access to health and social services for all migrants. Through self-determined, non-reformist reforms and community capacity-building, we aim to abolish double punishment, immigration detention, and deportation in so-called "Canada."

No More Silence

Founded around 2004, No More Silence nurtures an inter/national network of activists, academics, researchers, agencies, and communities to stop the murders and disappearances of Indigenous women and Two-Spirit people. Born from a desire to build Indigenous-led structures independent of colonial government and institutional funding, we have dedicated the past two decades to supporting Indigenous people, families and communities directly affected by gender-based violence. Our work is grounded in the principles of Indigenous sovereignty and ceremony, genuine support of gender-based violence survivors, the decolonization of gender and sexuality, police and prison abolition, community collaboration, humility and compassion. Spearheaded by Elder Wanda Whitebird, Audrey Huntley, Doreen Silversmith, and Terri Monture, No More Silence’s leadership collectively holds decades of community organizing experience alongside our own lived experiences as Indigenous women and Two Spirit people navigating state violence and settler colonialism in Canada.

No Pride in Policing Coalition

The No Pride in Policing Coalition is an anti-racist, multi-racial, queer, trans, and two spirit group formed in 2018 to support Black Lives Matter-Toronto and is focused on defunding and abolishing police and prisons.

Ocama Collective

Ocama Collective is a community-directed group of birth workers of colour, living and working in Tkaronto (Toronto), who are dedicated to the reclamation of traditional and holistic childbearing and birthing practices, amongst queer and trans IBPOC folx. The Collective creates access to cost supported full-spectrum and community-based birth care as an imperative factor in reducing infant mortality, improving childbearing and birth satisfaction, and supporting maternal/parental physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Sovereign Seeds 

Sovereign Seeds is an Indigenous-led network dedicated to supporting Indigenous seed and food sovereignty in what is colonially known as Canada. Sovereign Seeds exists to support the revitalization, transmission, and vitality of Indigenous peoples' seeds and seed cultures. Through collaborative education, community-led research, and leadership amplification, we strengthen Indigenous food sovereignty and climate resiliency by creating meaningful opportunities by and for Indigenous communities to restore, live, and steward their food systems.

Tiny House Warriors 

Tiny House Warriors is a mission to protect and defend Indigenous Territories from the Trans Mountain pipelines and tar sands infrastructure, including the massive supertankers along the Pacific coast.