It really is fantastic to have such a unique funding organization that supports grassroots initiatives, otherwise, funding can be extremely challenging to secure… The impacts of the funding you provided have been phenomenal and will continue to assist with our growth; over both the short and long-term.
SOSOLO, 2013 Recipient

STOP THE ARRESTS!!!SSM (STA!!!SSM) used the Groundswell funding to organize a Sex Worker Rights Conference led by current and former sex workers in Sault Ste Marie to generate support and awareness of the systemic barriers and challenges faced by sex workers within a Northern context. The conference was used to organize against harassment in Sault Ste. Marie and Stop the Arrests was successful in stopping the police and media from publishing names and personal information of sex workers.
Stop the Arrests!!! Sault Ste Marie, 2013 Recipient

We were able to leverage Groundswell support and other funding to print materials, develop a website, and did events. We developed campaign materials to highlight recruiter abuse in Ontario, and support migrant workers to push the provincial government to propose changes to recruitment laws and policies. Though much still needs to be done, with Groundswell support, the momentum is building!
– No Fees For Work, 2013 Recipient