2014 Grant Recipients

These groups were granted Groundswell funding in April 2014.

Community Action for Families

We are a brilliant, unapologetic, grassroots movement for social transformation. We are a community of people who are mothers, people who use drugs, survivors/fighters, sex workers, and allies. We are connected through similar harmful experiences of intrusion into the lives of our families, from systems of oppression especially as they relate to the child “welfare” industrial complex. We recognize that internalized oppression creates harm in our communities and in our families. We are working to build nurturing and thriving communities and stronger supportive networks for our families and children to live, learn, and grow.

Grassy Narrows Youth Group

The Grassy Narrows Youth Group views Anishinabe cultural resurgence and land protections as a single, inseparable process. Amongst other projects, this spring/summer, the Group will be setting up a permanent Trapper's camp on a pristine lake that is threatened by clearcuts which are part of the Province's long term Forestry Management Plan for Grassy Narrows' Traditional Land Use Area.

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change

Migrant workers are forced to pay thousands of dollars to work in Ontario. Entire families have to go into debt to pay these monies. When workers arrive in Ontario, they often find that the the job was not what they were promised. With their families under financial pressure, these workers are unwilling to complain about bad bosses because of fear of deportation.

Community Database Honouring Indigenous Women

No More Silence is creating a community run database documenting violent deaths of Indigenous women/Two-Spirit and Trans in collaboration with Families of Sisters In Spirit and with the assistance Dr. Janet Smylie of the Well Living House at the Keenan Research Centre.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

OCAP fights for the rights of poor people using direct action. We have been organizing in Toronto and Ontario for over 22 years. Our aim is to bring together the poor, unemployed, workers and homeless to defend one another and organize to fight back against the powers that attack the poor – whether it be landlords, bosses, the police or government institutions. We are critical of symbolic gestures and protests, or negotiating without action. In the day-to-day we do casework’, meaning that we support and work with people to get benefits or wages they are entitled to.

The Palestinian Association of Hamilton

The Palestinian Association of Hamilton has existed continuously since the 1980s as an anti-racist, non-profit, community-based organization of Palestinians and allies.