CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2024 ANNUAL GRANT RECIPIENTS!! With another incredibly successful year of building movement and community infrastructure - thanks to all our amazing donors and our @ResourceMovement partners without whom none of this would be possible - we are so thrilled to announce that these 26 outstanding groups received grants of up to $5,000 each to support their vital, vibrant, radical grassroots organizing and healing work! We also supported Palestine solidarity organizing and defence efforts both on and off campus, through the Mary-Jo Nadeau Fund. We are so proud to have mobilized funds to support urgent movement work led by Palestinians and by new/growing Jewish-Palestinian, Indigenous-Palestinian, and Queer-Palestinian coalitions. We intend to continue building up the fund’s resources as long as needed to achieve a full arms embargo, an end to the genocide, and freedom and justice for Palestine. See you back here this fall for another round of events, fundraising, and applications! May the year ahead bring new growth of transformative worldbuilding and creative solidarity between our movements.

In 2023, we were so pleased to co-host an important conversation with Resource Movement’s Toronto chapter, featuring speakers Naomi Klein, Maya Menezes, and Groundswell trustee Mostafa Henaway, about the importance of growing our movements through radical philanthropy. You can watch this panel discussion here.

Please make a donation to Groundswell! Your money has the potential to fund both existing and new organizations and projects, build infrastructure for long-term organizing, and create new ways to discuss and disseminate political ideas. Let's harness our collective resources to support social change.

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