2024 Grant Recipients

The following groups received grants of up to $5000 to support their incredible work in 2024 and beyond.

230 Fightback

230 Fightback was founded in the fall of 2022 to continue to fight for vital social housing at 214-230 Sherbourne. Remaining vacant for decades, the site has been a focal point at the epicentre of the housing crisis. After ongoing struggles to urge the City to expropriate the properties, the City put in a bid to purchase the properties in 2022, only to be outbid by KingSett Capital. After targeting the developer to stop their proposed condo development on the contested site, 230 Fightback has since been notified that KingSett Capital has agreed to sell the properties to the city for the amount they paid during the bidding war.

Abortion Support Collective

The Abortion Supportive Collective (ASC) is primarily made up of abortion doulas as well as like-minded abortion support practitioners who are unified by the belief that abortion care should be accessible to everyone. The collective is based out of Victoria, BC, located on unceded ləkʷəŋən territory, home of the Songhees and Esquimalt peoples. Here, the collective offers in-person accompaniment and support to folks accessing abortion care in our area. We offer virtual support to folks on the Island and those located in wider British Columbia. We will also act as a receiving site for folks accessing care in our area from across Canada. Currently, we are creating a care package program for low touch engagement, and are hoping to launch a volunteer-run warm line in the near future. If you're in need of support, consider #askingASC. We're here for you.

Anakbayan Canada

Anakbayan (Tagalog for "youth of the nation"), based in the Philippines with numerous overseas chapters, is the largest and most comprehensive organization of Filipino youth and students for National Democracy in the Philippines with around 40,000 members. We strive for genuine freedom, peace, and democracy in the Philippines. Anakbayan Canada has local chapters in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and BC.

Anishinaabeg + Palestinian Alliance

The Anishinaabeg + Palestinian Alliance includes Indigenous and Palestinian organizers, community workers, scholars, and artists who are committed to holding space for their communities to slow down, connect, and deepen their relations to collectively sustain Indigenous and Palestinian communities and liberation movements.

Anti-Imperialist Alliance

We are a group of people united in opposition and resistance to Canadian and US imperialism on Turtle Island and Internationally. Currently our main focus is building the anti-military and anti-war campaign, strengthening solidarity with Palestine, the Philippines and any countries and territories impacted by Canadian Imperialism, and building a People's Assembly on Housing.

Butterflies in Spirit

Founded in 2012, Butterflies in Spirit is a dance group consisting of family members of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG). With a mission to raise awareness of violence against Indigenous women, girls, and lgbtqqia+ Butterflies in Spirit has performed at numerous gatherings and events throughout Canada, the US, Colombia and Mexico. On stage, members of the group wear shirts depicting images of their missing and murdered loved ones.

Caribbean Solidarity Network

The Caribbean Solidarity Network, CSN, is an organization committed to the principles of Caribbean Liberation and Unity across the region as well as throughout the Diaspora. CSN's platform is rooted in a feminist, anti-imperialist, anti-colonial struggle. Our objectives are:

Climate Justice Edmonton

Climate Justice Edmonton (CJE) is a volunteer-run, grassroots collective. Our mission is to build working class power and demand a just transition in Alberta. We educate, energize and mobilize Albertans to push for systemic changes, bold climate solutions and political accountability. We align our work to other local and global struggles for justice as we fight for collective liberation and a liveable future for all.

Friends of the Attawapiskat River 

The Friends of the Attawapiskat River (FAR) are an Indigenous grassroots group based in Treaty 9, in the far north of Ontario, Canada, dedicated to protecting the health of the waters, people, and communities living downstream of the proposed 'Ring of Fire.' As Treaty 9 people, the Friends have a shared responsibility to protect Treaty lands from exploitation and degradation. This means safeguarding the integrity of the boreal and muskeg of the Hudson Bay-James Bay lowlands, its significant contribution to mitigating climate change, and the health of their grandchildren and those not yet born

Migrante Ottawa

Migrante Ottawa is a chapter of Migrante Canada, which in turn is a chapter of Philippine-based Migrante International, a global alliance of over 200 member organizations in 23 countries. Migrante Ottawa is a Filipino mass organization fighting for national democracy in the Philippines and migrants rights and welfare in Ottawa since 2000. We support the struggles of the Filipino people and all migrants to address political, social and economic conditions that lead to forced migration

Naujawan Support Network

Naujawan Support Network (NSN) is a group of international students and immigrant workers based primarily in Brampton, Ontario. We came together to stop the exploitation and abuse we face from employers, landlords, immigration consultants and the government. People in our community have dealt with these issues for years and are suffering financially, emotionally and psychologically as a result. Many are depressed and some have even died by suicide to escape the pain. We do not want to see any more of our people suffer or die. We organized ourselves into a group for this reason.

No More Silence

No More Silence aims to develop an inter/national network to support the work being done by activists, academics, researchers, agencies and communities to stop the murders and disappearances of Indigenous women.

One Dish Project

The One Dish Project was formed to address food insecurity, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal has always been to build community relationships, preserve language, culture, and traditions, and encourage the following generations to follow the way of our ancestors. In our creation story, foods are a foundation of who we are and culturally we grow these to keep connection with not only our ancestors but all of creation around us.


Founded in 1988, OPIRG Brock is one of the eleven chapters of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group. OPIRG Brock works with students, service providers, community members, labour unions, artists and activists to build collaboration, connections, and communities of abundance. OPIRG Brock creates a sustained culture of social, economic and environmental justice by focusing on the ways they can connect people to campus and community activism and resources across Niagara. Following consensus-based decision making and facilitation models, OPIRG Brock's work is moved forward by our volunteer Board of Directors, and supported by our staff and volunteer teams.

Palestine Québec

Palestine Québec is a Québec City-based volunteer collective that aims to mobilize Québec City residents in solidarity with Palestinian liberation. The youth-led group works on three main areas: education, community-building and political action. They have been active since the fall of 2023, coming together in response to the genocide unfolding in Gaza.

People’s Defence

People’s Defence was launched in 2017, in the Markham and Eglinton neighbourhood of East Scarborough. In 2019 we made the move to Crescent Town, where several of our members had grown up. Over the past year we’ve expanded to other areas of East York and Toronto – but we’ve always wanted to see REAL POWER for OUR CLASS (Poor, Immigrant, and Working-Class People) across the City.

Protect the Tract

Protect the Tract is a Haudenosaunee-led project that conducts research, policy development, and develops capacity for civil engagement to exercise sovereignty through the promotion of land stewardship over the Haldimand Tract. The Haudenosaunee Confederacy at Grand River has put in place a moratorium on development in the Tract. No development can proceed along the Haldimand Tract without our consent. We understand that we share these lands with our Allies and we all agree to uphold the agreements between our people to live in peace, friendship and trust. Our vision for the future is self-determined, based in our inherent right to protect our lands for future generations of Haudenosaunee children.


RAGE is a non-hierarchical collective of 2SQTBIPOC creative youth that intends to fuse art with social transformation. We highlight the hidden and dismissed stories of our communities by spotlighting them in our zine, social media, and upcoming website. RAGE is informed by Indigenous resistance, disability justice, reproductive justice, anti-capitalism, and fat liberation. We also believe: Black lives matter, Black Trans lives matter, in the abolition of prisons, and that sex work is real work.



Sour Springs Longhouse

Sour Springs Longhouse is a Haudenosaunee ceremonial and community space located at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

Sudan Solidarity Collective

The Sudan Solidarity Collective was formed in response to the outbreak of a brutal war in Sudan. It seeks to resource grassroots civil society formations at the frontlines of relief efforts in those parts of Sudan that have been hardest hit by militarized state violence. Comprised of a group of Sudanese undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and community members, the collective also aims to develop spaces for the Sudanese community at UofT and beyond to come together in solidarity to facilitate avenues for collaboration around political education, advocacy, collective healing, mutual aid, and community-building.

Toronto Area Solidarity Summer Alliance

Toronto Area Solidarity Summer Alliance (TASSA) supports South Asian and Indo-Caribbean youth and allies to learn and practice skills to organize our friends, peers, families, neighbours, and community members to think about the systems that affect our lives, build solidarities with each other, and take collective action for community liberation.

Toronto Underhoused and Homeless Union

Toronto Underhoused and Homeless Union (TUHU) is a union made up of people who are, or who have been, homeless, underhoused people, and allies committed to uplifting homeless voices. Our union fights to end homelessness and for dignified, accessible, affordable, housing for all. We speak out against harassment, criminalization, exploitation, and killing of homeless and underhoused people at the hands of oppressive authorities and systems.

Unmasked Bodies Collective and LGBTQ+ Migrant Sex Worker Project

We are dedicated to "unmasking" the stigma surrounding sex work, migrancy, and queerness. Our community-led initiative aligns with the values of collective power building and member leadership, rooted in abolition principles and liberatory harm reduction aimed at disrupting and ending oppressive systems like policing, carceral injustice and carceral feminism. We strive for collective liberation, fostering learning, connection, labor, and love.

Vivimos Juntxs, Comemos Juntxs

Vivimos Juntxs, Comemos Juntxs (VJCJ) is a grassroots collective that aims to provide material and social support to undocumented communities, while simultaneously creating a migrant-led, migrant-decided space where our communities can imagine and work towards building a city where we have power over the services and resources we need to live a dignified life.

World BEYOND War

Founded in 2014, World BEYOND War (WBW) is a global grassroots nonviolent movement of volunteers, activists, and allied organizations advocating for an end to war and the establishment of a just and sustainable peace. We aim to create awareness and support for ending war and to develop that support by advancing the idea of abolishing the institution of war. In doing so, we strive to replace a culture of war with an alternative global security system based on peace and diplomacy.

Young Seedkeepers

Young Seedkeepers was first formed in 2020 as a small collective of parents and educators of Black, Indigenous and racialized children to create spaces where our families could access land-based learning that is culturally-appropriate and inspires deepened and joyful relationship with the land, water and animals through learning about plants, seeds, trees, fungi, and the soil. We believe in community power and the importance of a “for us, by us” model.