Funding Application Form

This is the application for our annual grants ONLY.  For Growing Change, click here.

Application Deadline: CLOSED

  • Please follow the instructions below very carefully.   Groundswell has no paid staff to process applications so we rely on your help to make the process work.  If you do not follow the instructions carefully, it could result in your application not being considered.  Thank you! NOTE: Applications submitted by email, and not using the form on our website, will NOT be accepted.
  • Before you apply, review the funding criteria on the other tab of this page.  Based on the donations we’ve received so far, this year’s grants will range from $500 to $4000 dollars.
  • If you want more specific guidance filling out your application, look at our Sample Application.

To submit a funding application to Groundswell, carefully complete the following steps:

  1. If you received money from Groundswell last year, click here and fill in the report form before applying again.
  2. Download the Groundswell 2020 Application and complete the form.  Please pay attention to the word count limits for each question. Once you have completed the form, save it as a PDF. Make sure your file name includes the name of your project or organization and the word “application”.  For example, “Housing Now Application.pdf”.  Remember to save as a PDF.
  3. Download the Groundswell Budget Form 2020 and fill in the relevant information. Note that the form has three sheets. Save it as .xlsx, and make sure your file name includes the name of your project or organization and the word “budget”. For example, “Housing Now Budget.xlsx”.
  4. The application includes instructions about submitting reference letters and supporting materials.  Prepare those files.
  5. Once you have all your documents ready for submission, it is time to fill in the form below and upload all your documents. Submit your application form, budget, reference letters and supporting materials all at the same time.  Wait until you are ready with all your materials.

Funding Priorities

Groundswell raises funds through donations from generous individuals and groups. This means the amount of money we receive and grant each year is unknown. We mainly provide grants to projects and organizations that are already established, with a smaller portion reserved for start-up projects or organizations.

Who gets funded?

  • Groups led by the communities they are organizing; specifically, people most directly affected by oppression.
  • We are committed to giving a minimum 50% of funding to organizations led by Black and/or Indigenous organizers.
  • Work that confronts the root causes of oppression, rather than just finding temporary solutions.
  • Work that actively confronts power imbalances and seeks to build community power.
  • Work that increases organizational infrastructure, allowing groups to do their work on a long-term basis.
  • Work that cannot get adequate funding from other sources.
  • Work taking place within Ontario, though, given our ongoing commitment to decolonize our work, relying on colonial borders requires us to be more flexible.


Applications for legal defence costs are not eligible for funding. Organizations funded by a settler government agency, extractive industries, or energy corporations will not be funded. We may consider projects for funding housed by such organizations.

We know your time is valuable. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to see if their work clearly falls under Groundswell’s mandate before applying.

Take a look at our Groundswell Sample Application.