Growing Change

Apply for Growing Change

Formed in 2011, Groundswell Community Justice Trust Fund began as a way to fund social movements each year, while also building a longer term fund called “Growing Change.” We seek to encourage people with extra money who believe in grassroots social change to get serious about funding movements in Ontario and beyond.

The problems facing our communities and our lives are profound. Groundswell has deep faith in the ability of people, when supported, to solve the problems they face in their lives and in the knowledge needed to achieve justice and equality that is already within us.

This year, Growing Change funding will be available as one-time grants of $10,000 to $100,000 for brave, audacious, courageous projects led by Indigenous and Black communities. We want to fund the projects you whisper to your loved ones in the early morning or late at night; the projects whose existence is just a small seed inside you now, which you could grow into a harvest to feed and sustain you and your community. We are also offering smaller, annual grants of up to $4,000.

We are looking for projects that could grow and survive into the unknown future with support. The only lasting truth is change.

Applications are due March 1st, 2020